Differences between Oric version and other Versions

Oric Impossible Mission differs and is easier than other versions to play as follows

1 - No robot sensors/limited robot patterns

2 - The length of the robot plasma is much shorter than other versions

3 - lifts in rooms always move in half height steps

This allows the following scenario to be perfectly possible..

4 - Fewer puzzle pieces to find and match. 28 versus 36 on C64 version

5 - Shorter password. 7 versus 9 letter on C64 Version

6 - Ethan jumping arc is much more acute allowing him to somersault when the robot is adjacent to him

Gap Analysis

In some rooms the gap between platforms is too wide to reach with a simple somersault. In this case there is a method of jumping that widens the potential gap between platforms. Since falling only occurs when Ethan puts a foot down onto air he can perform a running jump where just at the edge of the platform he can be seen to begin to somersault just beyond the edge.

Try it a few times. Move to a room where there is a big gap between platforms. then run towards the edge. Just after he runs beyond the edge but before he puts a foot down press fire and he should leap a little further.

This behaviour is supported in all versions of Impossible mission, not just the Oric version.

Hints n Tips

Hint 1 - Navigating the Complex

Search each room in a single lift shaft before progressing to next shaft. Return to rooms later if they prove too difficult since later means you should have some Passes to play with

Hint 2 - A puzzling situation

Since there are 28 puzzle pieces to find and 30 rooms each room only contains a maximum of one puzzle piece.

Therefore after locating a puzzle piece in a room the only reason to search the remaining furniture items would be to gain passes.

Hint 3 - Ground Lifts

Always return any room lifts on the far left and right to ground level before exiting the room. Whilst you may have complteded your search of the room it may turn out to become a passage to get back across to the control room at the end of the game. If lifts are left away from ground level then the worse thing is dying when you are rushed for time :p