Controls overview

Use Cursor keys Left, Right, Up and Down. All other keys act as Fire.

Corridor and Lift-Shaft Controls

Pressing Up or Down whilst in Lift will move the lift up or down respectively. Whilst in the lift no other movement is possible.

Ethan can run left and right in the corridors. He can also somersault whilst within the corridor or into an adjacent room by pressing Fire whilst holding down Left or Right. This is important since many rooms have lifts adjacent to the entrances and if the player has changed its position he will need to avoid the gap on entering the room again.

Ethan can also enter his pocket computer from the corridors. To do so he must press Fire on its own.

Room Controls

Pressing Left or Right will make Ethan run left or Right. Pressing Fire whilst running will make Ethan Somersault. When standing on Room Lifts pressing Up or Down will raise or lower the lift. When standing infront of the Security Terminal pressing Up will access it. When standing infront of furniture pressing and holding Up will make Ethan search the furniture. Releasing the key resumes Ethan to the standing position. After the search is complete Ethan will return to standing. To exit a room simply move Ethan towards the exit.

Option List and Menu Controls

With all other menus and option lists in Mission Impossible the same controls are observed. This includes the Title Options, Security Terminal, Modem Options and Disk Options.

Press Up and Down to move through the menu items and Fire to select the option. For multiple option lines such as Difficulty setting, repeated presses of Fire will iterate the options.

Simon Computer Controls

Once the sequence has played use cursor keys to move around chequerboard and Fire to select cell.